Sometimes, the best gift is a guarantee. A promise that what you buy is what you get and what you get is what you want.

We give you just that gift! Not only do we provide you with the best movies and shows you were looking for, but we take care of you after the sale!

All our DVDs are brand new and come factory sealed. Now, if you find anything wrong with your DVD, and I mean anything! you are covered. Let me put it this way. If after 8 months, you find that a DVD does not play right. You are covered. But, if you kids decide to play Frisbee with your DVD’s and they end up in the trash compactor, then guess what. You are still covered!  

With our full, ONE YEAR warrantee, you get a perfect product, in perfect condition, perfectly guaranteed

DeJaViewed… giving you great shows… and peace of mind!