Our Best Price Guarantee

The DeJaViewed Best Price App compares our prices to the competition’s to make sure you get the best deal possible with every single purchase.


When you discover movies and television shows that interest you on our website, just click on the “Compare Price” tab at the bottom of the product listing. You’ll see how our price lines up with the competition’s. The DeJaViewed prices are always the lowest.


Which competitors’ prices does your app check?

Amazon, Best Buy, Jet, and Walmart.

Why only those four?

They’re the most trusted DVD retailers we compete with.

What about eBay?

DeJaViewed only compares prices with trusted, major retailers—never with third-party sellers. The eBay platform is specifically for third-party sellers.

What if a competitor that your app doesn’t check offers something for less than you do?

If you find an identical product on a major retailer’s website, and the price is lower than ours, show us, and we’ll beat their price.

I just clicked “Compare Price,” for a movie on your site, and I only see three competitors’ prices. Where’s the fourth?

If a retailer isn’t shown, it means they don’t carry the identical product.