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Why keeping up with new releases is so important

Maybe this has happened to you – you are chatting to someone and learning all about their likes and dislikes, but then they say something completely alien and bizarre to you. “I don’t really like movies,” they confess, and your face morphs from confusion, to disbelief to full on Grumpy Cat. Yes, it is true – just like you occasionally meet someone who claims not to listen to music or care for reading books, you will run into these bizarre non-movie lovers from time to time in your life.

Personally, I can’t imagine not caring about the latest movies on DVD, but I suppose different strokes for different folks! That said, I don’t think I could spend too much time with someone who claimed that movies were not important to them. I think that keeping up with new releases is important for a variety of reasons. Check them out below:

Films deal with social issues in interesting and sensitive ways

In this ever-changing and exciting world around us, social issues are developing on a daily basis, and the ways in which we talk about them are always changing. While you might pride yourself on having a diverse and dynamic group of friends and family members, not all of us know many people who come from different cultures/ have different sexualities/ are of other racial identities/ speak different languages/ share different political views/ and have different faiths. Watching character studies and deeply personal bio-pics allows us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and learn about what it is like to embody these identities for a few hours. This can only widen our horizons, which can only be a good thing.