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Some of the best movies series available in box sets

We all know what it is like to spend more than a few minutes (or even more than an hour) clicking through all of the available movies on Netflix, getting more and more frustrating that the movies we really want to watch just don’t seem to be there.

Nothing is better than getting stuck into the best movies series on a delightfully lazy night in, snacks in hand and good company (or simply just good pets) beside us. That said, almost nothing can be more frustrating than searching futilely through all of Netflix’s ‘top movies to watch’ categories and finding nothing that really tickles your fancy.

The solution? Sometimes you just have to dial things back a few years and get off of the streaming sites. Yes, you need to head back to the DVD collection and start searching out the best box sets to suit your mood. Feeling a bit nostalgic? Want to watch a classic war movie? Interested in sharing a rom com with a gaggle of friends, or a sports epic with your pals? While you might find what you are looking for on streaming services, investing in cheap DVD box sets is a lot smarter than you might think.

DVDs are cheaper than ever

Thinking that it might be time to buy movie DVDs online? Well, in the past, you would be looking at spending quite a bit of cash on investing in DVDs, as new DVDs used to cost quite a pretty penny. However, if you want to get a better price than you ever thought would be possible, buying gently used DVDs online can be shockingly cheap.

For less than the cost of a monthly Netflix or Hulu subscription, you can invest in the hardcopies of the films you love. Tangible, collectable copies of classic movie box sets, displaying neatly on your shelves and ready to watch whenever you are in the mood. What could be better?

Just a few of our favourite DVD box sets

  • The Harry Potter Series – With 8 movies set across Harry, Hermione and Ron’s epic childhoods, the Harry Potter series is one of the most whimsical and exciting Box Sets out there. You can entertain kids, adults and teens alike with these engaging, magical films.
  • The John Wayne Collection – Nothing says ‘old school Western’ more than the Duke himself, John Wayne. The John Wayne Collection includes 21 of his most iconic cowboy classics, making a perfect gift or one heck of a Western marathon!
  • The Star Wars Series – As one of the most beloved and famous film series of all time, you simply can’t beat the Star Wars films. A stylish, sci-fi update on classic Western movie tropes, these series isn’t available on any streaming service, so owning it allows you to watch it whenever you are in the mood for Wookiees, Ewoks, and Jedis.