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The quality of a DVD will always be better than a streaming film

It’s true – even if you are watching a film on your 4K-enabled TV, using the fastest Internet and a massive surround sound system, the quality of a streaming film will never match that of a DVD. Streaming sites are often blocky and glitchy, and can take ages to buffer. Besides, if your internet goes down, you simply don’t have a film to watch!

4K Blu Ray DVDs include the latest in technology, and give you faster action, better sound and crisper images. Streaming content simply cannot compete.

There can be such a thing as ‘too much choice’

If you’re like most of us, you probably spend quite a few hours each week scrolling through your Netflix, Hulu, Shudder, Hayu, Apple TV and/or Amazon streaming services, searching for what to watch. Just like someone who riffles through their packed closet and declares that they ‘have nothing to wear,’ sometimes you can click through the thousands of titles available online and still feel like there is nothing to watch.

That said, when you scan through your carefully curated collection of the latest movies on DVD, you will certainly ALWAYS have something that tickles your fancy. There is also the added bonus that your friends and family members will always want to head to your place in order to peruse your enviable collection of killer films, documentaries and TV series.