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  • 25-Movie Western Movies on 4 DVDs


    Life is Tough, Eh Providence? In this Western comedy classic, an eccentric bounty hunter uses the same crook to collect rewards in each state. The Bounty Killer An escaped convict and a ruthless bounty hunter face off in a dangerous and violent showdown where the fastest gun will win. The Price of Power Bill Willer, a former soldier and skilled gunman, discovers an assassination plot and must expose the truth to save the life of an innocent man. Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid Estranged brothers Monty and Ted Mulligan must live together for six months in order to cash in on their inheritance. Angel And The Badman Quirt Evans (John Wayne) is a hardened criminal bent on tracking the man responsible for his foster father's murder. Also starring Harry Carey and Bruce Cabot. Blue Steel U.S. Marshal John Carruthers (John Wayne) is on the hunt for the Polka Dot Bandit (Yakima Canutt), who has made off with four thousand dollars of payroll money. 'Neath Arizona Skies Chris Morrell (John Wayne) must get his foster daughter out of town before she falls victim to Sam Black (Yakima Canutt) and his greedy gang. The Desert Trail When John Scott (John Wayne) is framed for murdering the rodeo paymaster in Rattlesnake Gulch, he and his pal set out for justice. The Trackers Sam Paxton (Ernest Borgnine) must rely on a man he barely knows (Sammy Davis Jr.) to find his kidnapped daughter. The Decoy When a deputy's in-laws are murdered, he must escort the accused—his former best friend—to the gallows. Superdome The action is just heating up in New Orleans—relationships and jobs are in jeopardy, high-stakes bets are placed, and a killer is on the loose. Starring Tom Selleck. Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy A group of young adults struggle to run the biggest cattle ranch in the world amidst World War II. Starring Ryan Gosling. Open Gate A rodeo clown (Tyler Hoechlin) uncovers a drug trafficking scheme involving the bulls he fights and the seedy locals of his small Texas town. Hooded Angels A group of lawmen pursue a posse of beautiful, yet merciless, women who are armed—and very, very dangerous. Stories of the Century (11 episodes) A1950's Emmy® award-winning syndicated television show that revolved around a duo of detectives sent to protect the Southwestern Railroad from evildoers.

  • 4 Kid Favorites: The Jetsons Collection


    "Meet George Jetson ... Jane, his wife ... daughter Judy ... his boy Elroy ..." The catchy tune of The Jetsons ideally captures the lighthearted essence of the show, a futuristic counterpoint to The Flintstones that reflected the space-age optimism of the times. The Jetsons were the very first family, animated or not, to have a big-screen home entertainment system decades before it became a reality. They also had flying cars, floating cities and androids, all commonplace scenery of today's most popular sci-fi blockbusters. Now the first half of Season One is available at a low value price!

  • All Creatures Great & Small: The Complete Series 2 Collection


    Filmed on location in the Yorkshire Dales, All Creatures Great and Small brings the world of veterinarian James Herriot to life with all the warmth and humor of the original stories. Series 2 continues the true-life story of James Herriot (Christopher Timothy), as he finds that there is no end to the joy and heartache that go with caring for all creatures great and small.

  • All Creatures Great & Small: The Complete Series 3 Collection


    All Creatures Great and Small Series Three brings a rich new trove of James Herriot tales to the screen. Set in the windswe dales of Yorkshire, England, the series perfectly captures the warm drawing room fires and freezing wintry barns of the English countryside of the thirties. While this remote area cannot remain untouched by the threat of impending war, there are still plenty of battles to be fought on the home front: on the farms, in the fields and hand-to-hand in the surgery.

  • All Creatures Great & Small: The Specials


    1983 SPECIAL: James returns to Darrowby following his wartime service in the R.A.F. Though little has changed in the Dales in the intervening six years, James finds it difficult to adjust to the peacetime routine and to friends and family who seem like strangers.

  • Anne of Green Gables: Collector's Edition (5 Disc)


    Canadian novelist Lucy Maud Montgomery has her Anne of Green Gables novel brought to the screen in this three-part production. The first part of the story finds young Anne Shirley settling into her new life after arriving at the farm of her adoptive parents Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. The second part of the tale finds Anne transforming from a bright young adolescent to a well-established teacher. The third and final part of the story sees Anne moving to New York with her husband Gilbert, and then back to Avonlea, where Gilbert becomes a soldier and goes missing during wartime.

  • Anne Of Green Gables: The Collection (Full Frame)


    Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, and Academy Award-winners Richard Farnsworth and Dame Wendy Hiller give unparalleled performances in these three critically acclaimed motion pictures. Filmed amidst the spectacular scenery of Prince Edward Island, these Emmy Award-winning productions span two decades, from Anne's struggles as an orphan in a small maritime community, to her triumphs as a young teacher and as a volunteer searching for her husband on the battlefields of Europe.

  • As Time Goes By: Complete Original Series


    Once upon a time, a dashing young British Army officer and a lovely student nurse fell deeply, magically in love. Then he was shipped off to Korea and they never heard from one another. Forty years later, fate brings them together again... with hilarious results. From the first moment Jean and Lionel meet again to the wedding of Alistair and Judith, all the classic moments are here for fans to enjoy.

  • As Time Goes By: The Complete Series


    • Once upon a time, a dashing young British Army officer and a lovely student nurse fell deeply, magically in love. Then he was shipped off to Korea and they never heard from one another. Forty years later, fate brings them together again... with hilarious results. From the first moment Jean and Lionel meet again to the wedding of Alistair and Judith, all the classic moments are here for fans to enjoy.

  • Babylon 5: The Complete Collection Series - Includes Bonus 5 Movie Set and Crusade Collection


    Includes all 5 seasons, plus the Movie collection, and the full Crusade series.

  • Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns


    Here is the story of America's national pastime from master storyteller Ken Burns. It is an epic overflowing with heroes and hopefuls, scoundrels and screwballs. A saga spanning the quest for racial justice, the clash of labor and management, the immigrant experience, the transformation of popular culture, and the enduring appeal of the national pastime.

  • Batman: The Animated Series - The Complete Animated Series [17 Discs] (Full Frame)


    When the two shots rang out, Bruce Wayne's life changed forever. He pledged himself to justice and he held that oath for years. Wearing many names - the Dark Knight, the World's Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader and Gotham's Greatest Hero - he battled tragic foes like The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and so many more. But deep inside, he knew that he shared something with them that most of humanity wouldn't understand - a commitment to the fight. The acclaimed, Emmy-winning TV series redefined this complex man as an edgy hero struggling for revenge and redemption each time he donned the cape and cowl, and this comprehensive collection contains every episode, with all the allies, criminals and showdowns in Batman's history.

  • Batman: The Complete Series


    Batman: The Complete Television Series 

    The long-awaited 1960s TV series featuring Adam West (as Batman) and Burt Ward (as The Boy Wonder Robin) has finally arrived in Digital HD with all 120 episodes! With perfectly pitched scripts and the iconic high-camp cleverness of its “Pow!” “Thwack!” “Zap!” graphics, Batman leaped from the comic books to our living rooms as one of TV’s most beloved hits.

  • Birthday Gift Card


    Give them a gift that they will feel like they have seen it before.

  • Bonanza: Collector's Edition (5-pk)


    As one of the first and still most beloved westerns of all time, Bonanza told the story of life on the Ponderosa ranch for Cartwright patriarch Ben and his three sons Adam, Hoss and “Little” Joe. Whether the action took place on the ranch or in nearby Virginia City, audiences could bet that they’d get a dose of drama, action and down-home family entertainment. This five-DVD set contains over 12 hours of the most memorable episodes in BONANZA'S stellar 14-season run.

  • Castle: The Complete Sixth Season


    After Castle's stunning romantic proposal to Beckett, what happens next? TV's magnetic crime-fighting couple faces a whole new set of challenges as they juggle wedding plans and their most intriguing cases yet in ABC's CASTLE: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON. Beckett's new job with the Justice Department takes her away from the wisecracking love of her life. But Castle's devotion to his new fiancee -- and her fascinating line of work -- jeopardizes her career and creates a chain of events that might separate them forever. Back on the home front, Castle is none too pleased to discover his daughter has seemingly been captivated by, and now living with, her new, free-spirited boyfriend. It's a season of surprises you won't want to miss! Experience every engaging moment of CASTLE's brilliant sixth season, complete with all 23 unforgettable episodes, plus never-before-seen bonus features only available on DVD.

  • Christmas Gift Cards Classic TV Shows


    Give them a gift that they will feel like they have seen it before.

  • Danny Kaye - Best Of The Danny Kaye Show


    Six episodes of the variety show hosted by American actor, singer and comedian Danny Kaye. Highlights include Danny performing with a whole host of stars including Ella Fitzgerald, Harry Belafonte, Liza Minnelli and Gene Kelly.

  • Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition)


    This deluxe edition boxed set contains every eerie episode of the original Gothic suspense series DARK SHADOWS (1966-1971) plus a wealth of bonus interviews with the stars and creative members that made the supernatural thriller a cult favorite and an enduring television classic.

    NOTE: This Deluxe Edition (a second printing) is not serialized and does not include a signed postcard by Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins). 

    131 DVDs with all 1,225 Complete Episodes
    Commemorative large Coffin package (housing 22 amarays)
    Deluxe booklet with episode summaries & photographs
    Special Bloopers, Treasures & Behind The Scenes DVD s
    Over 120 Bonus Cast & Crew Video Interviews 
    Other features include nickel hinges, white ribbon to hold the lid when open, matte and foil coating
    Box dimensions: (Coffin), 13 ½ L x 11 ¼ W (at widest) x 5 ¾ D.
    Shipping carton dimensions,  16.5" x 8.5" x 14"  
    Weight Shipping carton with contents - 15.5lbs

    With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. Since first airing on ABC-TV from 1966 to 1971, Dark Shadows has earned the reputation of being one of the most unusual and enduring programs in television history. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden, 175-year-old vampire, brought the show tremendous success.

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