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Why movie lovers are making the switch from streaming to 4K

When it comes to beginning and maintaining a DVD collection, more and more people are choosing to give their film shelf a big quality boost by making the switch to 4K discs. Whether you are a movie lover who just appreciates watching a classic or you are a true film aficionado who wants the optimum home cinema experience, it pays to make the switch to 4K Blu Ray discs.

What are 4K DVDs, and why are they better than traditional DVDs?

4K DVD discs are a type of Blu Ray discs that dramatically improve the sound and visual quality of your film viewing experience. In fact, HD 4K Blu Rays are able to present the very best picture quality available on a 4K Television. The quality is much better than that of any streaming service, including Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

When it comes to streaming services, even when you are running the fastest internet possible, you are likely to encounter constant buffering and glitchy playback. This can really put a damper on your movie nights, especially if you have invited guests over to watch films with you.

4K discs often come with a high dynamic range (HDR) as well as wide color gamut (WCG) content. These features provide a dramatic noticeable improvement over traditional DVDs, as long as you have a TV that can handle the 4K features.

How does the 4K Technology work?

You might be wondering just how different 4K Blu Rays are from regular Blu Rays? I mean, is there really a difference when you watch them at home on TV? The short answer is yes! While the average viewer may not realise exactly what is causing the differences on their screen, they are likely to notice a crisper picture, more vibrant colours and much better sound.

A few main things differentiate the two formats (traditional Blu Ray and 4K Blu Ray). A lot of the big studios and companies seem to be approaching the 4K format with a ‘we need to compete with the streaming sites!’ mentality, and they are really trying to do things right.

  • UHD resolution - The 4K discs come with UHD resolution that fills every single pixel of your ultra high-definition TV screen, as opposed to the standard Blu Ray discs that come with 1080p resolution. That said, not all TVs can handle this resolution, so ensure that you have upgraded to the latest models.
  • Better colour Modern TVs have the capacity to display a much wider colour range, using advancements such as OLED and quantum dots. 4K Blu-ray discs and their 4KBD format can utilise the full extent of your colour range.
  • A high dynamic range – Most of the 4K Movies available for purchase come equipped with HDR data, meaning brighter highlights, better contrast ratios and more.